On Philstar.com: Buckle up for Turbo Zone

We’re making the news! A few weeks ago, we were featured on philstar.com with a good breakdown of what the show really is. Here are some excerpts from the said article:

MANILA, Philippines – Here’s one TV show that will benefit both high-end motorists and everyday drivers every Saturday — Turbo Zone. Buckle up for its pilot episode today at 9 a.m. on GMA News TV.

Hosted by comedian and film professor Ramon Bautista and Top Gear Philippines editor-in-chief Vernon Sarne, Turbo Zone is a 30-minute glossy motoring show that tackles everything about cars — from owning one to taking care of your favorite drive.

The show is produced by Marnie Manicad Productions International (MMPI), the same team behind the National Geographic Channel’s Inside Malacañang (for global airing on February 2102).

“We will feature motoring from the point of view of car owners: from high-end motorists and their sports cars to everyday drivers behind the wheel of public utility vehicles and parents rallying their choice cars for the family,” says Marnie Manicad, MMPI producer and director.

“Filipinos can relate to this show because we all aspire to have cars, that’s if we don’t own one yet. Most of us would dream of owning a car someday. This show will bring us closer to that dream. If we can’t own those supercars or SUV’s, allow Turbo Zone to feed your drive, and make you feel how it is to ride these cars. And maybe someday, if we dream a bit bigger, we can own it,” says Marnie.

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