Watch out for Episode 1!

This Saturday, buckle up as GMA News TV takes you on a ride you will never forget.

Turbo Zone marks it debut as the Philippines’ First and Only Reality TV Motoring Show, featuring real people with real motoring issues. Meet private collectors with their string of luxury cars, proud parents with their family SUVs, and everyday drivers plying the streets in a taxi, jeepney or bus. Join hosts Mon Bautista and Vernon Sarne as they drive through the country’s highways in search of car owners and fans from all walks of life.

Premiering on Turbo Zone this week:

Marc Soong, Executive Director of Jaguar and LRPhils Cars Inc., shows us why Jaguar’s beautiful and fast cars are desired the world over.

Find out why the Nissan X-Trail is beautiful in the city and powerful off-road from Nissan Motor Philippines Inc.’s Dennis Restor and Sherina May Zamora…

And learn what it’s like to work with world class athletes Maria Sharapova, David Beckham and Roger Federer from international photojournalist Dennis Sabangan, who also shares about his love for his Isuzu D-Max.

Feed your Drive and experience the Turbo Zone as it premieres this Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 9:00am exclusively on GMA NEWS TV and GMA International.

Turbo-Zone at the LRT

If you come across the LRT pillars near the GMA area, you can’t miss our banners proudly inviting you to watch out for our show—because it’s almost here!

Buckle Up for Episode 1!

Feed your drive!

Actor and comedian Ramon Bautista and Top Gear Philippines Editor–in–Chief Vernon Sarne will host the country’s first and only reality TV Motoring show Turbo Zone.

Produced by Marnie Manicad Productions International (MMPI), the same team behind the National Geographic Channel’s Inside Malacanang (for global airing on February 2102), Turbo Zone will feature motoring from the point of view of car owners: from high-end motorists and their sports cars to everyday drivers behind the wheel of public utility vehicles and parents rallying their choice cars for the family.

“Turbo Zone is young and fresh, and lets us satiate our appetite for cars, motoring gadgets and automotive market trends,” says Marnie Manicad, MMPI producer and director. “Expect to get candid reviews from streetwise host Ramon Bautista whose humor is balanced by the credibility of guest host Vernon Sarne.”
“We will feature real people with real motoring problems, and also help out prospective buyers of vehicles in choosing the right car for them,” says Manicad. On board as technical consultant is Beeboy Bargas.

The pilot episode airs 9AM of October 22, 2011 over GMA NEWS TV. Don’t miss it!

Pillars & Banners: Turbo Anywhere!

Turbo Zone pillars & banners.

By the time you read this, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen one of the banner designs we have above. As we push forward towards the show’s first episode, we’re making sure everybody knows about this unique TV program that will surely get viewers glued.

As we write this, you can encounter our banners along Ortigas, Julia Vargas, and ADB Avenue; while one of them is also at the LRT–1 Extension.

Kotse ba hanap mo?

40x40 billboard

You might be wondering, what’s with this huge image that we’re using for this site’s header? Here’s a hint: you won’t miss it when you see it.

Okay we’ll spill the beans—this will be our huge billboard!

Watch out for it!