The new Honda Civic Type R is at MIAS 2017!

Yes, you read the headline right—the 2017 Honda Civic Type R is at the Manila International Auto Show! The iconic and insane Civic Type R is back, and its here in the Philippines after just being unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show less than two weeks ago.

Made possible by Honda Philippines GM/President Toshio Kuwahara, it was said to be a parting gift before his term ends.

To whet you appetite on this beast of a car, here’s what the UK’s EVO Mag has to say about it:

The old car’s 2-litre, turbocharged in-line four cylinder engine has been retained, as has its six-speed manual gearbox. Honda engineers have told evo that shifting cogs with three pedals and a stick is an integral part of the hot hatch experience in their view. Technology is never far away however, since a rev-match function is now available – though experienced drivers can still turn this off and heel-and-toe to their heart’s content.

The Type R also retains a front-wheel drive layout, managing the torque to the front wheels via a limited slip differential; at present there are no plans for either a twin clutch ‘box or four-wheel drive. With only 10bhp extra – now 316bhp at 6500rpm, and with an identical 295lb ft of torque to the outgoing car – the lack of all-wheel drive shouldn’t be too much of an issue for the front tyres, particularly given the favourable physics of a wider, lower car.

Honda quotes a 0-62mph time of under 5.7 seconds, but doesn’t reveal a top speed. The old car was capable of an impressive 167mph (when did hot hatchbacks get quite so fast?) so given the extra power and lower profile, it’s possible the new car could go even faster. Weight hasn’t yet been confirmed; the latest Civic is lighter than its predecessor, but the Type R is expected to be similar to the old car’s 1378kg.

I’m sure you’re now itching to get your hands on one now, just like me—only I couldn’t afford it, but maybe you can. There’s a not-so-good/not-so-bad twist to this for now though: Honda Cars Philippines is still evaluating officially bringing it into the local market. But if by that they simply mean they’re just gauging interest, with the sheer number of Honda enthusiasts in Metro Manila alone, I’m sure we’ll get the proper good news soon! Time to sell your dog and a kidney now!

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