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Tough Gone Smarter, Ford Philippines OfficiallyUnveils the Ultimate New Ranger


  • Ford Philippines launches the new Ford Ranger, building on its world-class capabilities with a new look and cutting-edgetechnologies that help achieve more.
  • New front end gives the new Ranger a bolder, more modern appearance; new car-like interior combines sporty style, exceptional craftsmanship, and improved functionality that help the new Ranger stand apart from the crowd.
  • Suspension tuning for improved ride comfort and handling, with advancedsmart features available in the rangemake the new Ranger one of the smartest trucks on the road.
  • Improved ride and powerful, efficient latest-generation Duratorq diesel engines help to deliver on Ford’s fun-to-drive promise.
  • Available in September at all dealerships nationwide offered in thirteen variants.

Ford Philippines officially debuts the much-anticipated new Ford Ranger lineup, ready to take on the world with a new array of smart technologies and an even bolder look for one of the world’s toughest and most capable trucks.

Ford offers the most extensive lineup, making the new Ranger available in a total of thirteen variants, available in dealerships nationwide in September at the following price points:

  • 2L 4×4 Wildtrak in automatic transmission – PhP 1,679,000
  • 2L 4×4 Wildtrak in manual transmission – PhP 1,619,000
  • 2L 4×4 Wildtrak in automatic transmission – PhP 1,530,000
  • 2L 4×4 Wildtrak in manual transmission – PhP 1,470,000
  • 2L 4×2 Wildtrak in automatic transmission – PhP 1,420,000
  • 2L 4×2 Wildtrak in manual transmission – PhP 1,360,000
  • 2L 4×2 XLT in automatic transmission – PhP 1,279,000
  • 2L 4×2 XLT in manual transmission – PhP 1,219,000
  • 2L 4×4 XLS in manual transmission – PhP 1,199,000
  • 2L 4×2 XLS in manual transmission – PhP 1,039,000
  • 2L 4×2 Base in manual transmission – PhP 889,000
  • 2L 4×2 Single Cab in manual transmission – PhP 769,000
  • 2L 4×2 Cab and Chassis in manual transmission – PhP 709,000

“We continue to set a new benchmark in the pickup truck segment with an uncompromised toughness and a blend of robust capability, craftsmanship and advanced technology for our tough and smart new Ranger”, said Kay Hart, managing director, Ford Philippines.

The smartest yet

As the flagship of the new Ranger nameplate, the new Wildtrak boasts a full array of cutting-edge technology to help drivers stayconnected and in control.

“Our tough new Ranger has gone smarter, introducing class-leading and segment first advanced technologies that customers are used to seeing in a traditional SUV but now made available in our truck”, said Hart.

SYNC 2, the latest generation of Ford’s in-car connectivity system, gives drivers smarter and safer ways to stay connected. Using natural voice commands, the driver can control the car’s climate controls, entertainment system and navigation system more easily than ever before. An eight-inch touchscreen places more controls at the driver’s fingertips, with color-coded corners for easy menu navigation.

For extra convenience, the new Ranger features a 230-volt power socket that can be used to power a laptop or tablet computer anywhere, even far away from civilization.

There is also an array of driver assist technologies that help to make your drive more convenient.

  • Lane Keeping Alert and Lane Keeping Aid work together to help to prevent the driver from unintentionally drifting out of a lane when driving at high speeds. If the forward-facing camera detects the vehicle is straying from its lane, Lane Keeping Alert warns the driver with a vibration in the steering wheel. If no action is taken to correct the drift, Lane Keeping Aid applies steering torque to guide the vehicle back into its lane
  • Adaptive Cruise Control makes use of radar sensors to maintain both a preset speed as well as a preset distance from the vehicle ahead. When the system detects a vehicle ahead, it decelerates automatically to maintain a safe distance. It accelerates back to the driver’s preset cruising speed when the road ahead clears. An adjustable speed limiter helps drivers avoid unintentionally exceeding their selected speed
  • Forward Alert works with Adaptive Cruise Control to give drivers a visual and audible warning when the gap to a vehicle ahead drops below a safe distance. The system also charges the brakes to ensure optimum braking performance
  • Front and Rear Park Assist uses sensors to detect obstacles and provide audible warnings when the vehicle approaches obstructions at low speeds, such as when parking. A rear-view camera gives a clear view behind the vehicle, giving greater confidence when parking and hitching up a trailer
  • Electronic Stability Program with rollover mitigation and trailer sway control helps to keep the vehicle under control even in adverse conditions
  • Lane Departure Warning & Lane Keeping Aid uses the forward-facing camera and on-board sensors to detect if the driver is drowsy. If it notices signs such as drifting off course and sudden corrective steering inputs, the system warns the driver with gradually louder signals
  • Other smart technologies on the new Ranger include Hill Launch Assist, to help you confidently start off from a slope, whether in forward or reverse; Hill Descent Control, which uses the traction control system to help you descend steep slopes at a constant speed; Adaptive Load Control, which adjusts the Electronic Stability Control system based on vehicle load; and Emergency Brake Assistance, which provides additional pressure to the brake system to increase braking force when you apply the brakes quickly in an emergency situation
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Collision Warning System senses if an accident may occur pre-charging and increasing brake sensitivity, showing the brake light warning on your windscreen.

Tough and modern design

The new Ranger takes the truck segment to the next level with an aggressive exterior, a premium, sporty, interior, the latest Driver Assist Technologies and capabilities that ensure it’s up for any adventure.

“Our new Ranger emphasizes on our Built Ford Tough imagery, highlighting design elements both on the interior and exterior”, said Hart.

To mark the Wildtrak clearly as the flagship of the new Ranger lineup, designers worked to emphasize its tough, sophisticated design. Flanked by projector head lamps, the bold trapezoidal grille with strong outboard nostrils is finished in a dark, liquid metallic gray. The same accent color continues to the side mirrors, door handles, side air vents, bed rails and tail lamps for a dark, sporty appearance.

As well as being more aggressively styled, the new Wildtrak features design elements that are both premium and functional. Rectangular fog lamps and a unique sports hoop emphasize the unique nature of Wildtrak and give it a more technical, refined appearance. Sitting high on exclusive machined 18-inch alloy wheels, and with bold Wildtrak graphics, the new design communicates a fearless sense of adventure. Even the Wildtrak’s signature orange color, which is now called; Pride Orange, has been tweaked to help it stand out from the crowd.

Inside, orange is used as a strong accent color to add a sense of sportiness to a strikingly modern and car-like interior. A strong horizontal beam spanning from driver to passenger door emphasizes the cabin’s width and houses a dual-TFT instrument cluster, an eight-inch touchscreen and air conditioning registers. A soft-touch instrument panel top with an orange accent stitch imparts a premium feel to the cockpit without sacrificing toughness. Punctuating the horizontal theme, rings around the air registers are finished in shadow chrome, which features a smoky finish inspired by high-end machinery.

The new Wildtrak also features unique leather seats –with bold graphical elements and orange stitching that combine toughness, durability and sportiness. Exclusive in the 3.2L Wildtrak, an eight-way power adjustable driver’s seat is made available.

Go-anywhere attitude

As with any new Ranger, the new Wildtrak is engineered and built to take on the world. With its ability to wade through water up to 800 mm deep, and with 230 mm of ground clearance, it can handle the most extreme terrains with ease.Thanks to a 28-degree approach angle and 25-degree departure angle, drivers in the new Ranger can feel confident when taking on steep obstacles.

A robust electronically controlled transfer case allows drivers in 4×4 models to shift on the fly from 4×2 to 4×4 high with a knob on the center console. For low-speed torque or additional downhill braking, drivers can also engage low-range 4×4 gearing.These off-road strengths are matched bytowing capability of up to 3,500 kg and exceptional payload capacity.

Impressive off-road credentials are matched with on-road manners that improve on the current Ranger – which already sets the standard in its class – thanks to fine-tuned suspension for additional comfort and even better handling.

The driving experience is further enhanced by an electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) system, which provides precise steering with a natural and confident feel. With EPAS, steering is light and manageable for low-speed maneuvering, such as parking, and precise at higher speeds – with assistance varying as necessary based on speed, steering wheel angle, cornering forces and acceleration or deceleration.By eliminating the power steering pump used in a traditional power-steering system, EPAS also results in a quieter vehicle and improves fuel efficiency by about three percent.

Power without sacrifice

The new Ranger’s impressive power, capability, and payload and towing capacity are madepossible thanks to powerful and efficient engines paired to either a six-speed automatic ormanual transmission.Both engines available provide Ranger customers a winningcombination of power and efficiency in all conditions, and help to underscore Ford’s fun-to-drivepromise.

The latest generation of Ford’s globally proven 3.2-liter Duratorqfive-cylinder TDCi diesel engine powers the new Wildtrak, and enables its impressive capabilities. Putting out 200PS of power and 470 Nm of torque for excellent towing performance, the engine features upgrades including an updated exhaust gas recirculation system that helps to improve fuel efficiency. It is paired to a six-speed automatic transmission, carefully calibrated to maximize performance, refinement and efficiency.

Ford’s 2.2-liter Duratorq four-cylinder TDCi diesel engine delivers significantly improved fuel efficiency and refinement while also providing the power Ranger customers demand, generating an improved 160 PS of power and 385 Nm of torque.

The new Ranger in the Philippines

“The new Ranger is ready to take on the world, offering the complete package- tough but smart, capable yet refined. We are confident that the new Ranger will exceed customer expectations as the ideal truck of choice”, said Hart.

The new Ranger XLT variant will be available in Cool White, Black Mica, Aluminum Metallic, Metropolitan Gray and exclusively in Aurora Blue. The Wildtrak variant will be available in Cool White, Black Mica, Aluminum Metallic and exclusively in Pride Orange.

Ford will manufacture the new Ranger at its AutoAlliance Thailand facility in Rayong, Thailand.

“Our new Ranger really epitomizes Ford’s proud truck heritage and global expertise, showcasing the very best in terms of being the toughest, most capable truck out there”, said Hart.


Volvo S60: Amplified driving experience


Fuel-efficient Drive-E engines offer power and performance

The Volvo S60 sports sedan is the perfect blend of performance, luxury and the latest technology – coupled with a dynamic interior and class-leading safety – for a confident, driver-oriented experience.

Being a Volvo, our cars are made with a purpose beyond speed and performance. Volvo cars are metal with a soul and in this fast-going world, it allows you to focus on what’s really important – people.

That is why the Volvo S60 sports sedan is designed to give you absolute control on the wheel. With a choice between 1.6L T4 turbocharged petrol engine or a 2.0L D4 turbodiesel, you are assured of a combination of power, efficiency, and superior experience on the road. For a limited time, owning a Volvo S60 D4 is made even easier with the 20% downpayment at 0% interest for 36 months Ownership Package.

Drive-E: Powerful, compact, efficient.

With the new generation Drive-E powertrains, Volvo has combined low fuel consumption and emissions of a four-cylinder engine with the performance of a six or eight-cylinder. The result is a smooth, powerful ride – with fewer stops at the pump. This allows you an exhilarating cruise down the road, but with far less fuel and emissions.

This innovation from Volvo just doesn’t stop there. Aside from a cleaner, more thrilling drive, Drive- E is an all-encompassing commitment to sustainability. Everything from the cars’ materials to the factories, are created with the same environment-friendly approach.

Accentuated road presence

The front design increases the S60’s road presence. The focused and determined-looking headlamps help create this expressive ‘face’. The S60’s horizontal lines are emphasized at both the front and rear. Together with details such as a wide grille and daylight running lights, they give the S60 a striking, planted presence.

Comfortable sport seat

Supportive yet comfortable seats that ensure a fresh and relaxed arrival after the longest of journeys have been one of Volvo strengths for decades. The buyer of the S60 can specify a sport seat that retains this traditional comfort and makes a perfect addition to the in-command feel of a true driver’s car. It has great hugging side support all the way from the thighs to the shoulders, so the seat keeps the driver firmly in position when cornering at speed.


Adaptive Digital Display

The Adaptive Digital Display uses an active TFT (Thin Film Transistor) crystal display to bring the driver personalized information. There are three themes to choose from: Elegance, Eco and Performance.

Sensus Connect

The Digital Display theme colors are also echoed in the connected infotainment system Sensus Connect. It features a refreshed user interface with a number of innovative functions offering customers a fully connected experience. The driver can also have text messages read out aloud without taking hands off the wheel. The Bluetooth mobile phone service allows hands-free phone conversations as well as music streaming from a preferred Bluetooth enabled portable music player.

Intellisafe: Smart safety for you.

IntelliSafe, Volvo’s blanket name for all active safety systems, is an important part of the driver-centric approach in the S60.  From features that support you while driving, to features that help prevent accidents and protect you in the event that one occurs, IntelliSafe is Volvo’s way of giving you everyday convenience and peace of mind, anywhere you go. To know more about Volvo’s trademark safety systems, please visit:

Volvo Cars’ global sales up 4.6 per cent on strong demand for Volvo XC90


Volvo XC90 proves to be a crowd-drawer as Volvo sales increases

* Global retail sales of 38,128 cars in July

* Europe up 10.5 per cent boosted by Germany and Sweden

* More than 52,000 orders globally for the new Volvo XC90

* Volvo Philippines eager for XC90 arrival

The future looks positive for Volvo if we look at how Volvo Cars posted a 4.6 per cent increase in retail sales for the month of July, selling 38,128 cars globally. Europe as well as the US market were key drivers of growth. Both regions reported significant increases based on sales of the new Volvo XC90 and continued strong demand for Volvo’s ’60-series carlines.

Volvo Philippines has already opened its books for reservations of the new XC90, and majority of the initial units to be brought in are already spoken for.

Retail sales for Volvo in Europe including Sweden grew 10.5 per cent where Germany and Sweden represented the key growth drivers. The new Volvo XC90 is behind a large part of the incremental sales while also the other XC-carlines are strong in Sweden. Looking at Europe as a whole, the popularity for Volvo’s bestseller XC60 continues to grow.

“The success for the new Volvo XC90 is now starting to show in our sales performance but I am also happy to see that our XC60 and S60 models continue to grow in demand globally”, said Alain Visser, Senior Vice President Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at Volvo Cars. “With growing sales in the US market and XC90 volumes ramping up I am confident of continued strong sales in the second half of this year”.

The Volvo XC60 was the best-selling model in July, followed by the Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country. The S60, Volvo’s premium sports sedan, ranked third in Volvo global sales volume.


Honda Cars Announces Safety Improvement Campaign

August 17, 2015 – Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) announces the safety improvement campaign of select  Accord (2003-2006), Civic (2004 & 2005) and Pilot (2006-2007) sold in the Philippines due to a suspected defect in the airbag inflator of the driver side airbag.

To date, there are no reported accidents or injuries related to this concern in the Philippines. This announcement is HCPI’s proactive effort to ensure customer safety. HCPI requests and encourages the owners of the affected vehicles to contact and set an appointment with any of the authorized Honda car dealerships and service centers nationwide. Repair service of the affected vehicles will start today, August 17, 2015.

Below is the table of information of the affected vehicles:

1 2 3


Replacement of the driver side airbag inflator will take about an hour and will be carried out in all authorized Honda dealerships and service centers nationwide. HCPI ensures that all parts and labor costs related to this safety improvement campaign will be free of charge.

HCPI would like to inform the customers that this preventive measure is to ensure highest safety of all the owners of the affected vehicles. HCPI deeply regrets any inconvenience caused to the owners of these vehicles.

Customers may contact any of the authorized Honda dealerships or call Honda at (02) 857-7240 or email at Customers may also visit HCPI’s website for the complete list of frame numbers of the affected vehicles.


Volvo’s All-new XC90 named Auto Express Car of the Year


Award-winning streak continues as it readies to conquer Philippine roads

 The Volvo XC90 has been named Car of the Year 2015 and Large SUV of the Year at this year’s Auto Express New Car Awards. This is in addition to an already long list of accolades that only proves it has only gotten better.

 Volvo Cars’ award-winning XC90 is already close to selling out its entire first year’s planned production run of 50,000 cars. To date over 44,000 cars have been ordered. Volvo Philippines has also opened its order books so interested buyers, SUV enthusiasts and Volvo loyalists can already queue up for this much-awaited Volvo.

“This award reflects the great passion that Volvo Cars puts into its new cars. We understand our customers’ desire to have beautiful cars – cars that make their lives easier by delivering the latest technology – but in a user-friendly manner. We also understand the driving need for powertrains that deliver efficient performance, and a chassis that provides a balanced and engaging driving experience,” said Dr. Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research & Development at Volvo Car Group, accepting the award.

Steve Fowler, Editor-in-Chief of Auto Express, said: “We’ve been waiting a long time for the XC90, but it was well worth the wait – it’s a sensational SUV. It not only sets new standards for Volvo, but for the car market in general, leading in terms of technology, efficiency, style and safety. It’s also got an element of style – inside and out – that you might not have expected. If the XC90 points the way for the future of Volvo, the future looks very bright indeed.”

The all-new XC90 is the first car to be built on Volvo Cars’ Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) using its acclaimed Drive-E powertrain technology.

A blend of rich Scandinavian design elements, both inside and out, makes the XC90 stand out from the crowd. Delivering a commanding road presence with the distinct ‘Thor’s Hammer’ LED headlights and larger grille, the XC90’s powerful exterior design makes a strong, yet subtle statement.

The interior’s crowning glory is the in-car control system, Sensus. This intuitive system controls all the major functions of the vehicle, from the infotainment, phone, navigation and connectivity features. The interior is the epitome of Scandinavian design, a serene and relaxing environment, combining the finest natural materials available such a leather and wood, and at the same time being a practical seven-seat SUV.

Since Volvo gave the world a glimpse of the all-new XC90 late 2014, this latest Volvo has been the recipient of many high profile awards, recognizing its innovative approach to design, both interior and exterior, and its ground-breaking approach to in-car control systems and connectivity features with its Sensus technology.

Award Awarded By Year Country
Most Innovative HMI System


Car HMI Concept & Systems 2015 Germany
Best Technological Car Mas Que Coches, TELE 5 2015 Spain
Swiss Car of the Year – Runner up Schweizer Illustrierte 2015 Switzerland
Automotive Launch of the Year AUTO LIDER 2015 Poland
Interior Design of the Year Automotive Interiors Expo 2015 Germany
Best Big SUV Auto Motor & Sport reader poll 2015 Sweden
Best Innovation, Design, Quality and Operating Comfort Plus X Award 2015 Germany
Most Innovative car of the year Automotive Innovations 2015 2015 Germany
Best car of the year Auto Swiat 2015 Poland
Big SUV of the year AUTO LIDER 2015 Poland
Car Maker of the Year TU Automotive 2015 USA
Best Luxury Midsize SUV U.S. News & World Report 2015 USA
Yankee Cup Technology Award New England Motor Press Association 2015 USA
Best SUV of the year Motor-Presse Bohemia reader poll 2015 Czech Republic
Best 4×4 Diesel Car Magazine 2015 UK
Company Car of The Year – Large SUVs Firmenauto/DEKRA 2015 Germany
Best of the Best Product Design Award Red Dot Awards 2015 Germany
Connected Car of the Year 2014 France