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40-peso taxi flagdown starts today

Effective today, February 13, the flagdown rates for taxis is now 40 pesos, or 10 pesos higher than what we’ve had for some time. This was approved by the LTFRB, as a result of rising fuel costs.

Starting today, taxi riders nationwide, including those in Metro Manila, will have to pay a flagdown rate of P40 after the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) approved the provisional increase.

Although the rate for the first 500 meters will go up by P10, the fare for the succeeding meters and waiting time will remain the same.

Also in the report, taxi operators are requesting for an increase in the 300 meter/2 minutes incremental rate, with the desire to set it at Php 5.50, a significant increase from the current Php 3.50. Good luck to them with being competitive with Uber, Grab, and other ride-sharing alternatives.

MMDA bares plan to ban jeepneys in EDSA

The MMDA has just revealed a plan to ban jeepneys that run through parts of EDSA, including what will likely be an unpopular inclusion: ban them from even just crossing EDSA.

The plan is estimated to affect a thousand jeepneys in the affected routes, while hoping to decongest EDSA traffic. While the idea may sound unpopular to jeepney drivers and commuters, the top two transport groups have already expressed their support.

Initially, there will be no fines imposed on violators as the details are discussed among those concerned; at the same time, the implementation will be limited to key areas in EDSA.

MMDA suspends issuance of number coding exemptions

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In a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the MMDA has temporarily stopped issuing new number coding exemptions as it reviews the whole policy.

MMDA officer in charge and general manager Tim Orbos said on Saturday that the review was necessary because of a surge in applications from private motorists in recent months.

According to him, given the sudden increase in vehicles in Metro Manila, the granting of exemptions “might defeat the purpose” of the number coding scheme. However, he did not say how many applications the MMDA has received.

Under the traffic scheme officially known as the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP), among those who can apply for exemption are media personnel using their private cars for work, medical practitioners responding to emergency cases and owners of vehicles ferrying individuals in need of immediate medical attention. Automatically exempted are emergency vehicles and government service and diplomatic vehicles, among others.

Though it is indeed necessary to review the process as there may already be a huge number of undeserved exemptions, it feels wrong to target doctors and medical practitioners. We know for a fact that our country has a shortage of doctors and nurses because of the benefits of working outside of the Philippines—further burden will only lead to disappointment and probably more ineffective medical services.

Then again, most government agencies are only concerned about their specific responsibilities and rarely about the bigger picture.

MMDA: No-window Number Coding Scheme Extended Up To July 2017

This news isn’t a surprise to many, and I’m sure it’s received with mixed opinions: the MMDA has chosen to extend its no-window number coding scheme which was originally implemented during the 2016 Christmas season.


Toyota Vios Gets Sporty 2017 Facelift

The bestselling Toyota Vios gets a 2017 update, and it’s a refreshing take on what already was a good design. I personally find it to be a sportier look, with the front fascia dominated by the deceptively huge bottom grill. Deceptive, because it appears to be partly solid in the middle; it’s looks much larger by extending the grill accents and keeping eveything in that area solid black.